How to hack a Cell Phone

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THIS VIDEO AND PROGRAM IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY ! IT IS TO BE USED RESPONSIBLY! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK How to hack a cell phone This program will allow you to hack a cell phone. it has an easy to use interface with a very simple structure. Can hack Any: iphone android blackberry small older phones Once the phone you want it hacked you can: Use calling optons check text messages and write your own check voice mail and change it look through the camera secretly. take pictures through it check through the phones gallery Download Link: This program is one of a kind and i suggest everybody tries it. Great for parents to monitor what their children are doing. ENJOY THIS VIDEO WAS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!

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Bobby Johnson says:

It won’t show that the phone is detected until the image on the phone you hacked is opened. Otherwise all you’ve got is a hack sitting there waiting to be started.

Bobby Johnson says:

Yes it can provided that she has an android. She needs an android OS. The version doesn’t matter.

Bobby Johnson says:

Its in the description box bud.

Bobby Johnson says:

You can upload any picture you want lol. Download something off google or even use one of your own.

Bobby Johnson says:

Private number pops up

Bobby Johnson says:

Yeah i’ve tested it on multiple friends and my friends use it occasionally :) 

Bobby Johnson says:

You send it from YOUR phone. So your number will show up. She/he will never know they got hacked, and even if by some miracle they did (99% chance they won’t) then there is no way to trace it back to you.

Polvitous says:

got a question. When u send the picture, what number shows up at her cellphone? like what address or something?

Polvitous says:

has some of you people actually used this?

alfredo209ful says:

What number pops out when you call them?

XGrindGoreLaloX says:

How do I get the picture?

geewisekid says:

i cant cee the website,u guyz…can any1 write it for me

koen geferz says:

i live in belgium my wife now in russia can this program hack her phone she have samsung .

Greenhelix5 says:

How do I know if the program is working and the phone I tried hack is keeps saying phone cannot be detected help!!!

Bobby Johnson says:

Basically what happens is you send them the picture through a text. they open it just as any other picture. and then in the back round processes of their phone it will install. they will not be prompted about it at all. So no. Nothing is suspicious and it is undetectable.

Bobby Johnson says:

Yeah it works any where in the world as long as the person you hacked has cell phone service and internet connection

Bobby Johnson says:

Simply upload it onto your phone through a USB cable.
Then send it as a text message to the person you want to hack.
Keep in mind, the hack will only install on the phone number that you provided.

blep blip says:

how do you suggest getting the hacked picture onto your phone to send?

jaychauhan100 says:

do this works in india..

blep blip says:

is the hacking process suspicious or is it completely undetectable when the victim opens it?

Bobby Johnson says:

Once you send them the picture and they open it on their phone it takes about 3-10 minutes for the hack to auto install on their phone. Varies between the speed of the phones processor and so on. But on average it should be hacked no more than 15minutes once the picture has been opened.

shane richards says:

How long dose it normally take to hack

Bobby Johnson says:

Yes it works in every country. As long as the hacked phone has internet connection
then you should receive all its data on your computer.

shane richards says:

dose it work in canada

tommaor1 says:

Thanks for your great videos! I like this one very much!

November1Charlie says:

Nice work.

copyrightpolice420 says:

can you upload more videos like this one? thats freakin awesome!!!

yourmamasinternet says:

this was a well done video

sieunhan369 says:

the videos was simple unique

louiskoomjm8 says:

I am intresting about this!

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